FAST is a non profit making club.

Given the nature of our kind of club, we have a number of expenses such as pool hire, lifeguard hire and membership fees to governing bodies amongst others.

As a result, FAST welcomes all sponsorships and grants we receive.

Below are some details about our current sponsors and grants we have received in the past.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all organisations and individuals who help us continue to run FAST for the benefit of the local community and children.

Should you wish to become a sponsor of FAST, please use the contact page for further information.

FAST is very grateful for the generous financial sponsorship provided by ‘Head Resourcing’ and ‘Head Medical’.

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HEAD Resourcing

HEAD Medical


Our sponsors have supported the funding of our web hosting provider, SASA membership fees for our club volunteers and the cost of a full colour advert in the Ferry Fair programme.

FAST is also very grateful to the British Airports Authority (BAA), Edinburgh Airport who have donated almost £3,000 to the club by way of grant funding, which has enabled the purchase of 4 dive starting blocks, other equipment and essential training for our coaches.

In the first year of FAST, £1,000 was also received from the Sky Community Fund and was used for club development and the purchase of equipment.